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  1. Christmas Grocery Gems

    There are many hidden gems in the grocery area for Christmas.

  2. Impulse Categories for Christmas

    These impulse categories offer a great sales & profit opportunity

  3. Christmas Non Food for Profit

    Christmas non-food offers a significant range of profitable added value goods for convenience stores. Now is the time to get the stock in.

  4. November Planning

    Bonfire night and Diwali should light up sales in November

  5. Autumnal Beers bringing a little WooHa to the dark nights

    With the autumn here and the nights getting longer, WooHa have their core range ready in 330ml and 500ml bottles to give consumers a taste to get them through the autumn.

  6. October Planning

    Halloween and the lead up to Bonfire Night and Diwali offer good trading opportunities.

  7. Face Masks Deal

    Face masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Everyone needs them.

  8. September Planning

    September can be a tricky month to judge for retailers. The weather can still be warm and mild or it can cool rapidly and usher in the autumn

  9. Wooha High Quality Craft Beer

    Wooha beer is produced with quality ingredients from around the world to create delicious, balanced, flavoursome products that are bottle conditioned to ensure freshness and a natural fizz. 

  10. Make Your Store the Hub of Your Local Community

    With all major UK banks closing branches across the country on an alarming scale, there is a window of opportunity now for convenience stores to step into their shoes and offer services to their local community.