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  1. Mother's Day Sunday 14th March

    Mother's Day this Sunday offers good trading opportunities.

  2. Planning Ahead for March

    The lead up to Easter, Mother's Day & St Patrick's Day make March a promising month for sales.

  3. February Trading

    Key sales driver events: Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year & Pancake Day

  4. Strong Performance from Booker Symbols

    Footfall increases in Booker symbol stores drive sales up to and over Christmas.

  5. Key Trading Events in 2021

    Plan ahead for the holidays, events & festivals that will help drive sales in 2021. 

  6. January Trading

    Opportunities in back to basics, Veganuary and OTC medicines.

  7. Fresh & Frozen Christmas Planning

    Fresh & frozen ranges come into their own as we enter December. Loads of low risk profitable opportunities in these categories.

  8. Christmas Alcohol Massive This Year

    Christmas alcohol sales promise to be massive this year as consumers go for "in home" drinking.

  9. Vaping growth in Convenience

    Vape stores are closing. Consumers are turning more to convenience for their vape products

  10. Pet category in strong growth

    Pet ownership surges. Time to get the the pet category well ranged and stocked.