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  1. PhD Protein Range: New to Convenience

    The PhD “Smart” range of protein bars, flap jacks and RTD’S are now available to independent retailers at margins of up to 30% on promotion.

  2. Business Cash Advance from Liberis

    The Business Cash Advance is a simple and affordable funding solution

  3. Metcalfe’s Popcorn – Under 100 Calorie Snacks

    Healthier snacking is a massive opportunity for Independent Retailers with 67% of shoppers looking for healthier snacking choices.  

  4. Vape Dinner Lady well established and growing fast

    Only one company can serve nostalgia in a bottle.

  5. Dare to be different

    Independents have a bright future and have little to fear from the Amazons and Ocados of this world as long as they focus on their individuality, convenience and authenticity.

  6. Boost Sport Builds on its Strength

    Boost Sport is the fastest growing sports drink in the sector* has refreshed its look and feel.

  7. Great Profits with Espresso Essential

    Selling coffees and hot chocolates will increase your profits. Espresso Essential is a must have.

  8. OTC Medicines and Food Supplements a Massive Opportunity
    OTC medicines and food supplements offer a massive opportunity for small stores right now. Their small size and high margins are perfect for convenience stores
  9. Clear the Garden for Summer Growth
    Intelligent range selection is vital to enable customers to select easily. Less is more and this in turn drives sales.
  10. Wholesalers: Who's the Best?
    Which wholesalers deserve your business?
  11. Hidden Gems for Christmas
    Great products you can sell during the festive period.