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New Retail Trends

  1. Ordering by App is Growing Massively

    Ordering by app is growing massively. Not surprising given the speed and conveience

  2. Own Label Products Growing in Importance

    The UK is the world’s largest single market for own label at 46% of total sales. Is the own label offfering from wholesalers up to standard? 

  3. Rapid Growth of Coconut Water

    Coconut water is currently the fastest growing soft drink in the UK

  4. Soya Milk on trend.

    Soya milk is on a continuous growth curve in the UK.

  5. New Cadbury Darkmilk Launched

    Darkmilk refelcts consumers' changing tastes towards darker chocolate

  6. New Twinings Cold Infuse

    Time to shake up your water with Twinings Cold Infuse

  7. New Kelloggs Special K Protein Bar Range

    Kelloggs launches a Special K protein bar range. to capitalise of protein growth

  8. New Bournville Giant Buttons

    Cadbury's launches Bournville Giant Buttons on the wave of dark chocolate growth in the UK.

  9. New Red Bull Coconut & Berry

    Red Bull launches a new cocunut and berry edition. 

  10. Tetley Super Tea Envelope

    Tetley has devised a new Super Tea Envelope range for hot drinks with added benefits.

  11. Search & Social Media Important for all Retailers

    Retail owners need to put search and social media at the heart of their plans now if they want to engage their customers and potential customers in the future.

  12. Consumer cash payments to rapidly diminish

    Latest news stories from Store Excel

  13. CBD by Dinner Lady. Now is the future

    With exceptional cash margins, CBD is poised to be the next boom product. Don't delay - stock now!

  14. Open all hours for food to go

    Food to go offers independents a golden opportunity at any time of the day...or night. Seize the moment to capitalise on this trend.

  15. Dare to be different

    Independents have a bright future and have little to fear from the Amazons and Ocados of this world as long as they focus on their individuality, convenience and authenticity.

  16. Boost Protein. An on-trend product for independents.

    There is a huge market for people that are looking for simple ways to include more protein in their diets. Consumer demand is rapidly increasing. 

  17. Great Profits with Espresso Essential

    Selling coffees and hot chocolates will increase your profits. Espresso Essential is a must have.

  18. Get into IQOS

    IQOS is the new non-tobacco smoking experience that is taking the market by storm.

  19. Food to Go: Quality Counts

    According to the IGD (report 2018) the Food to Go market is set to grow by 6% per year to reach £23 billion by 2022. Consumers are discerning re quality & taste.

  20. Two Exclusive Outstanding E-Cig Deals from Store Excel

    E-cig sales are surging. Take advantage of these two excellent offers from Store Excel and Philip Morris International

  21. Focus for Convenience Growth in 2018
    We have experienced more change in the channel this year than any other in living memory. What will be the key drivers in 2018? Neil Brenson asks the questions and sets the agenda for 2018..
  22. Learn Convenience from Carrefour Express
    Carrefour one of the biggest exponents of hypermarkets worldwide has adapted successfully and is now a leader in convenience retailing.
  23. Primal Pantry Exclusive £2 off Voucher Offer
    Our main passion at The Primal Pantry is to raise awareness of the huge benefits of eating 100% real food, through our premium snack bars and our protein energy bars.
  24. Why Primal is the best Healthy Snack
    Our main passion at The Primal Pantry is to raise awareness of the huge benefits of eating 100% real food, through our energy bars and our recent launch of high protein healthy snack bars.
  25. Food to Go Raises Store Perception
    Securing a food standards agency hygiene endorsement can underpin store standards
  26. Small Stores Must Plan Ahead for Declining Tobacco Sales
    Tobacco sales are in an inexorable decline in the UK. The decline will continue and is likely to accelerate. This is an industry-wide threat and small stores must plan ahead for this to maintain customer visits, footfall and sales.
  27. Deliveries & Digital the Way Forward?
    Retailers are finding time increasingly tight to visit Cash & Carry's to collect stock. They are demanding deliveries and moving to digital platforms to place orders. Are Apps the way forward?
  28. Boost Launches a New Protein Drink
    The national rollout of Protein Boost is underway, signifying the champion of the independent brand’s diversification into an exciting new category that is growing at 26% year on year*.
  29. Break Free from Tobacco Dependency
    Tobacco sales are now in an irreversible decline. This is not necessarily bad news. Retailers can forge new profitable income streams from new ranges.
  30. Small Stores Face a Healthy Future
    There's a fantastic trading opportunity for small stores by adding healthier and wellness products to their ranges. And to reduce dependency on 'bad' products such as alcohol, confectionery and tobacco.
  31. What’s Trending?
    Read about the products getting customers excited at the moment