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  1. Drive business growth via Amazon

    Amazon is a competitive marketplace, that once optimised and managed correctly, can ensure a consistent revenue stream for your store.

  2. Join the Online Revolution with Shoply

    Research conducted by the Scottish Grocer and Convenience Retailer found that 84% of customers prefer to order online or via an app. Shoply unlocks this service for small retailers.

  3. Free Local Marketing for Independents

    Sign up with Forever Local to advertise your business to your local community. For FREE!!

  4. Acorn2Oak: Three Clever but Simple Marketing Tools
    There are 3 clever tools to enable marketing excellence: customer testimonials, customer referrals & case Studies.
  5. Local Stores Show Us Some Love
    Local stores should be continually reaching out to their local community to reinforce their true “localness” and so press home their trading advantage.
  6. Don't Let Your Store Be a Best Kept Secret
    Effective marketing and continuous customer engagement is essential for small stores to build & protect their business.
  7. Store Marketing
    How should a small store effectively market itself?