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  1. New London emissions charge could hit retailers

    Store Excel's weekly news digest

  2. Card services review raises hopes

    Payment Systems Regulator launches consultation which could ultimately lead to a more competitive market

  3. Van vernacular – compliance and safety

    Using a van for your business makes you a van operator - a status that comes with legal responsibilities that must be adhered to. The Freight Transport Association has combined with Store Excel to offer invaluable advice.

  4. Don't fall foul of rates appeals process

    The new business rates appeals system in England has flummoxed shop owners with ratepayers “tearing their hair out”, rating experts at Colliers International have claimed.

  5. Demystifying GDPR: Convenience Retailer Checklist

    GDPR comes into force on 25th May.  Don’t think a typical convenience store handles much data? You might need to think again.

  6. Ban on Plastic Card Charges - More Policy Detail Needed
    The government has announced that surcharges on plastic card transactions will be banned early next year. Too early to yet to determine the implications.
  7. Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme
    AWRS comes into force for all sellers of controlled alcohol from 1st April. What does this mean for independent retailers selling alcohol?
  8. Living Wage – A Living Hell?
    How will small businesses afford the new living wage?