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Autumnal Beers bringing a little WooHa to the dark nights

With the autumn here and the nights getting longer, WooHa have their core range ready in 330ml and 500ml bottles to give consumers a taste to get them through the autumn.

Whether that be a hoppy IPA or a smoky porter to go with toasting marshmallows and cheeseboards of any kind!

Some details on each beer:

Northern Mischief Lager, 500ml and 330ml

Bright and effervescent in true lager form. Not overly hopped, there is still a strength to the spicy aroma and flavour provided by the three hop varieties used. The robustness of the hops is matched by a strong grain bill to give full round mouthfeel.

ABV: 5.0%

Food Pairing: Southern Fried Chicken and hearty homecooked meals

Rauch n Roll Rich Smoky Porter, 500ml and 330ml

Lightly hopped using Phoenix hops from the UK. Rich chocolate and coffee flavours which are wrapped in a mouth filling smokiness provided by the German Rauch malt. Dark as night, with a smooth aftertaste.

ABV: 5.0%

Food Pairing: Blue cheese, smoked brisket or dark chocolate

Hop Pinata IPA, 500ml and 330ml

A bold strong malt bill balancing the spicy hop flavor, creating an easy to drink bottle conditioned real ale.  A punchy, fruity slam on the taste buds.

ABV: 6.2%

Food Pairing: Roast dinners or stew.  Tender lamb or beef in particular

Hello Friday Session Pale Ale, 500ml and 330ml 

Refreshing, easy to drink pale ale, a fruity and herbaceous hop on the nose and palate with a crisp clean finish. Dry-hopped really creates this fresh hop flavour.

ABV: 3.8%

Food Pairing: Scottish cheddars and meat pies

WooHa is available to order directly from the brewery or through our wholesale partners: JW Fillshill, Cress Marketplace or Williamson Food Service.


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