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Wooha High Quality Craft Beer

WooHa is a modern craft brewery, based in the Highlands of Scotland, that has been making great beer since 2015.  

Being located near Speyside, the beer is made from the same cool, clear waters that go into some of Scotland’s most famous whiskies. 

The beer is produced with quality ingredients from around the world to create delicious, balanced, flavoursome products that are bottle conditioned to ensure freshness and a natural fizz.   Arriving with you ready to enjoy!

WooHa completed their brightly coloured rebrand in June 2020, with the objective of making the labels more visually appealing to shoppers in the retail sector.  The new look really makes the beer stand out on shelf and appeals to beer drinkers looking for something special.

There are 5 delicious craft beers in the core range of 330ml and 500ml bottles: 

Hello Friday - Session Pale Ale 3.8%

Hop Pinata - IPA 6.2%

Rauch N Roll – Rich Smoky Porter 5.0%

Northern Mischief – Scottish Craft Lager 5.0%

Rogue Clan - Scotch Ale 6.0%

Despite the premium image, prices from WooHa are competitive and in line with other major players in the craft beer category.

Cases of 12x330ml are available to trade for £13.99 and cases of 12x500ml are £18.99.  Discounts are available for larger orders.

The 330ml range has an RRP of £1.99 per bottle with a POR of 30% and

The 500ml range has an RRP of £2.79 per bottle with a POR of 32%

Current stockists include Ocado, Cress Marketplace, Amazon and many other independent retailers across the UK.

Wooha is available nationwide through various routes to market.  Please contact scott.mccallion@woohabrewing.comfor details or to request samples. Or Contact Us.

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