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With all major UK banks closing branches across the country on an alarming scale, there is a window of opportunity now for convenience stores to step into their shoes and offer services to their local community.

Cash is still a huge part of the UK economy and is the preferred payment choice for a large proportion of UK society. Although we live in an increasingly digital world, cash is by far the best budgeting tool during economic hardship, as people need to manage their money effectively, something that is very difficult to achieve with plastic. Cash also offers freedom & anonymity to users, rather than every card purchase being logged to the second, with its location and value recorded, leading to profiling of the card user for marketing purposes.

No doubt you have seen the rise of contactless payment due to the COVID-19 situation, however this is a knee-jerk reaction which isn’t based on any science. There is no more risk in handling a banknote than there is in removing a tin of beans from a store shelf for example. The official channels (Governments, Bank of England, World Health Organisation etc.) have now distanced themselves from anti-cash comments, and it’s very easy to see all of this discussion online if anyone wishes to investigate. Cash usage has already recovered over the last couple of months and will continue to do so as we ease out of the government restrictions.

Cash on the Move is a specialist ATM provider offering innovative solutions across the ATM sector. One of these solutions is the Compact400 ATM System. This system is a fully featured ATM that has been designed specifically with the convenience store in mind, with a footprint of less than half that of other through the wall ATMs. The ATM doesn’t take up valuable trading space instore, is housed in its own secure casing, and as it faces the street through your shopfront, the Compact400 creates a whole new revenue stream for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will also save on bank charges in the process by recycling your cash takings and offering cash services to your local community gives your paying customers another reason to visit your store.

Right now you can have the Compact400 ATM System installed completely free of charge via Cash on the Move’s “Cash in the Community” programme, so to find out more, or to order your system now while this offer lasts, click or call on 020 7794 3664.

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