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Independent stores are lagging behind on food-to-go

Forecourts have highest food-to-go spend

Forecourt Trader reports that forecourts have the highest food-to-go spend across the convenience sector according to shopper insights agency HIM. The report says that the average independent store food-to-go spend is £1.40 more than 50p less than the market average and more than £1.20 behind forecourts.

Sugar tax raises less than forecast

Linked In reports that the new sugar tax on soft drinks has raised £153.8 million since it was introduced. This is under half that originally forecast. Manufacturers have reduced the amount of sugar they use to avoid the lobby.

Millennials driving the market for non alcoholic beer

Talking Retail is reporting that according to a research by Global Data, the biggest segment growth in alcohol is that of non alcoholic beer which grew by 13% in 2017. Young drinkers classed as “millennials” are driving this.

Five key retail trends in 2019

Forecourt Trader is reporting that Toby Pickford Head of Insight, Innovation and Futures at IGD revealed the five key retail trend for 2019.

  • Customer data – more personalized shopping.
  • Sustainability
  • More seamless shopping experiences
  • Healthy eating & wellness
  • Shopping opportunities increasingly available – anytime, anywhere.

Farmers fear Sainsbury/Asda merger

Linked In reports that the National Farmers’ Union has warned that the merger between Sainsbury & Asda could hurt farmers. The union has questioned how the company would deliver its proposed 10% saving for shoppers without squeezing farmers.

Pets like Christmas presents

Talking Retail reports that more than 80% of dog owners in the UK are planning to buy a Christmas present for their pet according to research by Mars Petcare/Battersea Dogs & Cats home. Overall 64% of pet owners want to include their family companion in seasonal celebrations.

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