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CBD by Dinner Lady. Now is the future

CBD is gaining huge popularity in the marketplace, especially in the last year. With exceptional cash margins, CBD is poised to be the next boom product. So why choose CBD by Dinner Lady over other brands in the marketplace?

  • We use only the highest quality CBD isolate, sourced after a long testing period
  • Our product has no “earthy” taste compared to other CBD products, that may put off consumers
  • We can provide independent certification on both the purity and the strength of our product, so you can be assured it is what we say it is
  • An already established name in the Vape industry, CBD by Dinner Lady already has brand name recognition and a reputation for very high quality products which translates into this range as well.
  • Pricing is perfectly suited to convenience, with POS solutions to make it stand out in any location.

CBD by Dinner Lady is also an award-winning product, having very recently being voted the Best new CBD at the prestigious Vapexpo in Las Vegas, Nevada. In an already mature US market, to win an award like this re-enforces the quality of our product to the public.

With the Dinner Lady brand already established in over 80 countries worldwide, you can be assured that there is already both consumer awareness and demand for the product.

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