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Convenience Store Sales Continue to Grow

Sales continue to rise

Jellybean Solutions online reports that: Total value sales in the convenience sector are currently valued at £39.1bn and they are set to rise to £40.1bn by the end of this year. Convenience is worth over one fifth of the total grocery market and remains an important growth engine. It should therefore be given the focus it deserves.

ATM Charges to Go

This week the labour party pledged to ban all ATM charges in a bid to make the high street more attractive to consumers.

Fuel Prices Reduced

Forecourt Trader Online reports that: three supermarket groups have cut their petrol prices, but the RAC is warning much higher prices could be on their way.Asda started the round of cuts reducing its unleaded petrol by 2ppl, making its national price cap 126.7ppl.

Co-op Group bans plastic bags as part of packaging drive 

Convenience Store Online reports that: The Co-op Group has announced an end to plastic carrier bags as part of a strategy to ban all single-use own-brand plastic packaging within five years.

Budgens to move into Farm Shops

Convenience Store Online reports that: Booker Wholesale owned Budgens is set to move into farm stores following a partnership with Nottinghamshire-based Gonalston farm shop. 

Indies make up the majority of the sector

Jellybean Solutions reports that: there are 46,262 convenience stores in mainland UK and together independent retailers make up 72% of the sector. 36% of these are unaffiliated, 29% are independents trading under a symbol fascia and 7% are independent forecourts. An interesting fact is that Wales has more stores per head that any other part of mainland UK.

David Gilroy

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