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Call for E-Cigarette Controls to be relaxed

A committee of MPs says that the rules around e-cigarettes should be relaxed so that they can be more widely used and accepted in society. Around 2.9 million people in the UK currently use e-cigarettes and the spend is growing. 

Sainsbury’s “Scan & Go” Technology

Sainsbury’s launched their “scan & go” technology in the Clapham North convenience store in London. This allows shoppers to scan items on their mobile devices to create a digital shopping list before paying at the till.

Today’s Landmark Fascia’s’ Future

Today’s and Landmark have announced that all their existing fascia formats will continue should the proposed merger go ahead. The fascia’s include: Today’s Local, Today’s Express, Lifestyle Express and Lifestyle Value. The wholesale members will be voting on 6thSeptember. 

Plastic NOT Fantastic

Plastic bag sales have dropped by over 80% since the government introduced a 5p levy on plastic bags in 2015. The government has also called for evidence on the effectiveness of the tax system to address single use plastic waste. The war on plastic is hotting up.

Out of Home Opportunities

Convenience stores and supermarkets have grown their share of the out of home eating market by 0.2% according to MCA’s UK eating out market report 2018. Around 14% of all eating out occasions and 24% of out of home snacking occasions are accounted for in convenience stores and supermarkets.

CO2 Problems Continue

Retailers and wholesalers are continuing to report poor stock availability and supply chain issues relating to the CO2 shortage problem. Soft drinks is most frequently reported category with issues - beers and ciders have also been affected. Suppliers who have been best prepared appear to be Coca Cola and AG Barr. Industry insiders are predicting that the problem will ease as we go into September. Many are calling for suppliers to be better prepared in the future.

David Gilroy

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