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Boost Protein. An on-trend product for independents.

Boost, as an independent company that supplies only to independent retailers, spotted a gap in the convenience market for a milk-based, protein drink that offered a great taste and has a mass-market appeal.  We look at trends and what shoppers are putting in their baskets and it was clear there was a huge market for those that are looking for simple ways to include more protein in their diets. Consumer demand is rapidly increasing with ready to drink protein sales growing by 14% in 2017*.  We also wanted to find a way to help retailers create a point of difference in their shops so entered the market with Boost Protein as an on-trend product that’s only available in independent stores**. 

The business took the success it has enjoyed in the energy drinks market due to its focus on offering great tasting drinks at great value and successfully applied this to the protein market.  Other brands within the category have focused on sport and health messaging whereas Boost focused on creating a product that has a delicious taste that also will help retailers make the most of limited space because of its wider appeal.  Boost Protein appeals to several consumer groups, including the consumer looking for a protein hit but also the everyday shopper just looking for an on-the-go snack. Every Boost Protein drink contains 20g of protein, and as the government indicates we need approximately 50g of protein per day, Protein Boost can act as top up for consumers to help them reach their daily recommended intake. 

Within Boost’s Protein range is Boost Protein Chocolate and Boost Protein Strawberry.  Both options come in a 8 x310ml bottle case and Boost also offers the range in a £1.49PMP.  Boost is offering a PMP option in recognition of the role they can play in driving customer purchase and increasing basket spend by giving the customer quick, key pricing information at the crucial decision-making point. 


* Euromonitor Sports Nutrition UK 2017

** Symbols & Independents have a 30% share of protein sales and are the fastest growing route to market.

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