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Abacus Valuers Brilliant Stocktake Offer

Taking stock in a busy small store is always an onerous task. And a diversion from the main event of selling goods, serving customers and generally running a demanding shop. 

However, accurate stocktaking is essential for a number of key business reasons.

  • Stock integrity for accurate ordering.
  • Getting a true measure of shrinkage. Both visible and invisible.
  • Maintaining a true calculation of the real gross margin.

All of the above are important for providing true reads on how the business is actually performing. They enable management to make the correct business decisions re controlling and enhancing profits.

Abacus Valuers (AV) are expert at accurate stocktaking in retail stores. They have an excellent reputation in the convenience store market and they are offering an exclusive deal to Store Excel members.£75 off the cost of AV's stocktaking services.This deal is available through to 30th April 2018. So don't delay. Visit the voucher zone to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Or call Abacus on 01 637 874609. And let the experts do the hard work while you drive the business.

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