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Online Training Benefits for Retailers from Bolt Learning

6 Benefits of Online Training for Convenience Retailers

Bolt Learning works with leading convenience retailers, creating engaging, interactive and instantly accessible eLearning content. In the process of working with convenience retailers they have seen that not only is there a high demand for online training but there are also many benefits of online training which are completely unique to convenience retailing.

Manage Store Compliance

One thing Bolt Learning found in discussions with convenience retailers was that they were worried about compliance in their stores and being able to protect themselves against any potential breaches. When you consider that a store was recently fined over £3000 for the improper sale of tobacco products the risks of not investing in compliance training for retail staff could be costly. By providing retail staff with online training to increase their knowledge and understanding of strict legislation, stores’ can reduce the risk of fines. 

“It’s a great due diligence defense, were any problem to arise we can very easily show any regulatory authorities the kind of training we do.” David Sands, Chairman of David’s Kitchen

Save Time and Money

Bolt Learning visited David’s Kitchen in Glenrothes and spoke to the store manager there about how effective they've found Bolt's online training. He emphasised that the online training freed up his time to focus less on staff training and enabled him to concentrate much more on the running of the store. In addition, it also meant that his staff were away from the shop floor much less; allowing them to focus much more on the smooth operation of the store and keeping the customers happy. Bolt’s online training also meant that no one in store had to spend working hours undertaking or issuing training as it could be completed from home, on-the-go, or at a time and place suitable for them. 

Grow Your Sales and Profit

For convenience retailers, the customer is at the centre of everything they do and therefore the people who are responsible for customer service should be a core focus. Investing in staff training gives retail staff a better understanding of customer service and upselling as well as other topics like wine selling to further increase their skills and abilities.

Improving employee understanding of customer service can lead to loyal and happy customers. Furthermore, increasing their understanding of upselling can increase sales and profits. Effective Upselling has shown to increase promotional sales by up to 300%.

"I've been able to better equip the staff with the retail understanding to run the store as well as improve their knowledge of their job roles." Bay Bashir, Lifestyle Express Store Owner 

Consistent High-Quality Training

Online training modules don’t have any “off-days” or sick days; furthermore, the wording and activities in Bolt Learning’s eLearning modules are based on modern educational theory proven to increase user engagement and knowledge retention.

In face to face training you can only go at a pace set by the trainee who struggles the most, or the opposite can be true where the quickest learner in your group drives the momentum of the training. This can result in your group of trainees having a bad learning experience that was either too slow for them or too fast. Online training can allow all of your trainees to learn at a pace just right for them.

Digital Record of Training

With an online learning record store, you can easily view and identify where any skill gaps may be within your business. For example, in Bolt Learning’s age-related sales module they found that large numbers of trainees were struggling to understand which type of ID’s are acceptable; by identifying this knowledge gap their client was able to focus on further training in this area.

A good Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to not only distribute training but to also see where the training is required most. All in all it provides store managers with a birds eye view of their business, allowing them to see what training is required as a store but also what training is required for individual members of staff.

"The world of training has moved on dramatically in recent years – digital is such an obvious solution provided that the content is engaging and effective.  The reporting suite and analytics are first class" Mark Titterton, Group Chief Executive of James Convenience Retail 

 Circulation of Information

Bolt Learning’s LMS also allows store managers to distribute documents, whether that be policy documents or information about a new product or promotion. You can distribute articles via the LMS which will then send a notification to staff members via email or text to let them know there is a document for them to read. Bolt’s LMS will also let you see who has read the document and who has not, when they read it and how long it took them to read it. All of which can help ensure your business is informed, educated and accountable. 

Get in touch with the Bolt Learning team today to start reaping the rewards of online training for your convenience retail business by emailing or calling on 0333 355 2658.

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