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Food to Go: Quality Counts

According to the IGD (report 2018) the Food to Go market is set to grow by 6% per year to reach £23 billion by 2022. The IGD has conducted in-depth research in the market and has published some insightful findings.

  • 67% of consumers eat out at least once per week.
  • 39% cite health as one of their top three drivers when choosing a meal out of home.
  • 31% would eat out more often if healthy options were available.
  • 34% said that they avoid outlets because they don’t offer healthy enough food.

Interestingly takeaway meals are the mission where health is least considered. There are some great learning points for convenience stores offering food & drink to go. The mission focus can be broken down as follows:


  • Taste & flavours I like.
  • Easy to find what I like.
  • Good quality


  • Taste & flavours.
  • Hot food and drink options.
  • Food that feels fresh


  • Good quality.
  • Food that feels fresh.
  • Good value for money.

Insightful how often “good quality” and “taste & flavours” come up in the research. The sacrificing of quality for the cheapest is definitely not the route to be taking.


David Gilroy

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