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Why Ordering By App is Taking Off

RNF Digital the leading App provider in the UK wholesale industry has just released its market trend insights that suggest that retailers are moving away from online ordering to placing orders from their mobile devices by App. Why is this change happening and what are the advantages to ordering by App? Here are a few reasons.

  • Just like the general population many retailers are increasingly using their mobile devices extensively to manage their lives.
  • Using an App is a natural extension of store management for store operators.
  • There are many pressures on retailers and multi-tasking is often required. A mobile device facilitates this whereas ordering on a desktop can be restrictive. For example it’s possible to operate a till and create an order on App at the same time.
  • An order can be started, saved and revisited as required. Retailers have the flexibility to build up their order and place it wherever they are. Whether that be in store or out and about. Highly convenient.
  • An order can be tapped onto the screen OR the mobile device can be used as a scanner in store to create an order from the sales floor. Highly flexible.
  • The wholesaler will use the App to flag the best deals, offers and promotions.
  • The App will highlight the best deals at the Cash & Carry through connected “push” technology.
  • The wholesaler will deploy push notification messaging to flag the best deals ahead of promotion dates thus allowing the retailer to plan in advance.
  • All key messaging and information from the wholesaler is available on the retailer’s mobile device. This enables all the information flows in one place – on the mobile device.  Super convenient.

Retailers are turning to App ordering in increasing numbers. This is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Rob Mannion MD of RNF Digital said "This fits with our intuitive view of how the market is moving. It makes sense for busy retailers to run their businesses from their mobile devices. Our internal metrics support this view"

Currently the leading UK wholesalers with App technology are: Abra Wholesale, Bestway Wholesale, Blakemore, Filshill and Thames Cash & Carry.

Apps are the way forward.

David Gilroy

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