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Birds Eye Underlines the Frozen Food Opportunity

Jon Rooney, Channel Director at Birds Eye underlined the opportunities for convenience stores in frozen foods at the IGD Wholesale Conference last week. He told the delegates that by refocusing on the core range and the most compelling price-marked packs (PMPs), Birds Eye has achieved strong sales growth. He stated that the top 20 sellers (the core range) sell better than the remainder of the brand portfolio.

Birds Eye has moved back to smaller pack sizes and platter meal solutions, which work better in convenience stores. Birds Eye aims to deliver the core range to 20,000 distribution points every month.

This is consistent with the view here at Store Excel, which is that frozen food can offer great meal solutions for smaller stores. Nutritious meals, easy to manage, little risk of waste and with strong profit margins.

Time to really focus on the frozen food offering in store.

David Gilroy

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