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Why Primal is the best Healthy Snack

Our main passion at The Primal Pantry is to raise awareness of the huge benefits of eating 100% real food, through our energy bars and our recent launch of high protein healthy snack bars. We cater for a large target audience, since each bar is free from gluten, grains, dairy, added sugars, vegetable oils and they are vegan friendly.

The energy range includes five flavours: Hazelnut & Cocoa, Coconut & Macadamia, Apple & Pecan, Almond & Cashew and our newest addition, the Acai Berry & Superseed bars. Each bar contains 7 ingredients or less, so people can enjoy an unprocessed, clean and tasty snack.

In addition to this, The Primal Pantry has a high-protein range, including: Cocoa Orange, Mixed Berries, Cocoa Brownie. Every protein bar contains natural cold pressed ingredients, without any additives, preservatives, flavourings or colourings. Primal offers 27.2g of protein per 100g but only contains six whole ingredients. 

The top key decision drivers for healthy snacking across our target age brackets of 25-35 year olds and 36-55 year olds are: taste, health and occasion. The Primal Pantry bars taste great, are healthy and suit an occasion of providing energy to refuel whether that be for extra physical activity or to get you through a day at work. This is important because the snacking industry has grown by 24% between 2005-2011, with ‘Better for you’ snack sales increasing by 25% compared with 10 years ago.

Market research in 2016 (The Grocer, 2016; Mintel Reports, 2016) has presented the most recent trends, proving that snacking is becoming more planned with British snacking habits are waning, with 48% of Britons actively trying to be healthier. Importantly, tastes are changing as customers are increasingly acquiring a taste for healthier ingredients (Financial Times, 2016) and desire healthy snacks.

Free-from trends also hold a wide appeal. Naturalness is something consumers expect to see in free-from food. While all-natural claims are challenging, recognising ingredients and shorter ingredients lists can help to build trust. This is why our brand is special, because we use minimal ingredients which has proven to be popular with our customers. Growth in this free-from category is predicted to slow going forward. Nevertheless, this market is huge with UK retail sales being £277 million in 2011 and £627 million in 2016.

The top half of the UK’s economic demographic has also grown substantially since the end of the 1960s. This demonstrates why there are more people willing to buy premium products and suggests that nutritional education is likely to have improved among the UK’s population.

Gaining energy is a large reason why Britons choose to snack. 90% of people perceive ‘nuts and nut mixes’ as an opportunity for healthy snacks to develop, closely followed by ‘fruit and seeds’ with 88% of people. Within the range of the 45g Primal bars, nuts and nut mixes can be found since dates provide the base of the bars, which is a great food combiner whilst also being high in potassium, dietary fibre and a range of nutrients. Our range of Primal bars will provide enough energy to refuel you throughout the day. This is a key reason why snacking is increasing, and with our wide range of flavours, there is a taste which can cater for different consumers. Containing real food ingredients only means they are less processed, so a natural, nutrient rich snack can be consumed with no preparation, perfect for those on the go to satisfy their cravings.

Protein is becoming an important ingredient in healthy snacking. Trends in physical activity between 2010-2015 has seen a growth in activewear sales for both men and women, along with an increase in gym members in the UK up from 11.9% to 14.3%. The Primal Protein bars are a healthy snack bar ideal for fuelling workouts and for aiding recovery by replenishing the nutrients in the body. The most popular reason to snack is to gain energy, so the protein snacking market has increased in popularity.

With the popularity of physical activity rising, the protein bars are popular in gyms and by sportspeople and this trend will only continue to rise due to the simple fact that they provide energy, but also because they have the added benefit of having the high source of protein. Not to forget, our protein bars are rich flavours, meeting the permission to indulge in a quality product. Each 55g protein bar is the perfect mix of protein, fats, carbohydrates. Indeed, there is 10/12g of protein, deriving from nuts and 100% raw ground hemp seed protein. Hemp is considered to be one of the most potent plant-based protein sources compared to other alternatives in the market, as well as being a rich source of omega3 and 6 fatty acids.  

The number of Britons snacking for functional health benefits totals to £34.2 billion people. This is an increase of 3% and the number of Brits eating for health reasons is increasing yearly. The Primal Pantry Energy Bars and Protein Bars fit this market, as a premium product which customers will enjoy resulting in repeat purchases. 

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