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Food to Go Raises Store Perception

The long-term future of tobacco and newspaper sales does not look good. Government legislation has effectively set cigarette consumption on a downward trajectory while the consumer trend towards more mobile devices has exacerbated the reduction in daily newspaper purchases. Both these categories have provided small stores with a continuous and reliable source of footfall but now times are changing. Stores must plan for the future and source other ranges and services to bring customers in.

There is plenty of good news though. Today’s grab and go culture has opened up new opportunities in snacking on the move. Coffee to go is already becoming well established in most small stores and has become an almost essential component of the offering.  Consumers’ expectations are increasing all the time and a decent quality range should pay back handsomely.

Many store owners are taking this to the next level by installing some form of food to go offering. While not for everyone this is a great idea in the right location. Of course it’s important to invest in the correct equipment and staff training to ensure great service and compliance with health, safety and hygiene legislation. A well-run food to go section can lift the perception of the whole store and create a “halo” effect. Applying for a local authority food standards authority rating could underpin the food management standards providing an official endorsement of great store standards. This goes along way with consumers – enhancing store reputation.


David Gilroy

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