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Art4 Everyone: Art has come to Town!

Research has shown that we all need a little time off.  A quick walk around the block taking a few breaths of fresh air is a super idea, but may not always be possible.  So how about a quick walk around the house looking artwork that makes you happy or stimulates your thoughts?  The trick is to have the perfect combination of family pictures and art work on the walls to do just that.  Pictures are easy – you take them, print them frame them. Artwork can come in many shapes and sizes – canvases, prints, framed or in a number of products: aprons, bags, blankets, chocolates, cups, funblocks, iphone cases, placemats teddy bears and towels and more -  the choice is yours!  The trick lies in finding the right art and the right medium for you – or even someone special this Christmas. Which captures you?

All our artists are showcased here:  simply scroll down the list and click on the available selections per artist.Just where do you find that piece to really make you, your family and friends feel good?  Art 4 Everyone has come to town!  We would like to give you the place to find that perfect piece.  Your online art gallery is now ready to show you some really cool stuff.Who are we? Who is Giles? our giraffe of course! Check out why here:

We give you the opportunity to own unique creations by local artists.  Get off the mainstream and start showing off who you really are. #Art 4 Everyone

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