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Premium Crisps Deliver a Premium Performance for Retailers

The last five years has seen the "premiumisation" of the crisps and snacks market. Consumers are buying in to the natural credentials, low fat content, baked variants and clearly defined provenance. New variants such as non-potato types and sweet potato are gaining additional appeal with consumers. Intelligent Business Solutions (IBS) reports that premium crisps have nearly doubled their market penetration from 15% to 29% in the last five years. Their research finds that premium crisps command a 30% higher price point than that of quality mainstream crisps.

This is all good news for independent retailers who will benefit from stocking a balanced range of premium crisps and snacks. Kettle Crisps are an absolute must for inclusion in such a range. Kettle lays out its credentials as a major player on their website:

  • Kettle first with hand cooked crisps in the UK and still no. 1.
  • Kettle focused on the consumer trend for authentic and less processed products.
  • Crisps and snacks market up 4% year on year.

It is clear that a premium crisp range will deliver good cash profits for small retailers. Kettle is a leader in this sector.

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