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Clear the Garden for Summer Growth

At last we seem to have some real summer weather. The garden is prolific and everything is growing in abundance. A similar situation can be observed in many small stores. Now that the sun is out, a proliferation of soft/energy drinks and waters are bursting off every shelf and from every refrigeration cabinet. Fresh food is being sacrificed in the race for drinks sku numbers.

As a consumer I'm totally confused. I literally can't see the wood for the trees. It's impossible to make any kind of value decision as to what to purchase. Just like a garden weeding out the dead wood is vital. Small storeowners should be selecting which lines to stock and culling the long tail of slow sellers that detract from putting on impactful displays. As always, the 20:80 rule apples. The wholesalers should be facilitating this process but sadly they too seem to be afflicted by the stock everything bug. Simply stocking absolutely everything is not the answer. The good-better-best principles must be applied.

Be clear on what each line is bringing to the party, back the winners, put on powerful displays, and get rid of all the slow-selling junk. Less is more and higher sales will be achieved. Everyone appreciates a well-ordered and blooming garden.

David Gilroy

Store Excel

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