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Identify the Hot Lines to Drive Sales

In every trading business the 80:20 rule applies. In fact it's not unusual for that rule to be even tighter at 90:10. In other words, it's the small core of top sellers in the range that drive the business. This is why you will constantly see reference to 'core range' in the trade press, wholesalers' brochures, and supplier presentations.

They are not wrong. But they are not totally right either. They will give you a global view of the world across the spectrum of many outlets spanning a wide geographic area. This can throw up anomalies such as regional sellers. Eg. cider in the Bristol area. And one man's core line is another man's poor seller. The truth is that you have to identify your own business driver core sellers in your own micro market. Sure there will be some overlap with the core ranges that your wholesaler recommends. But there will also be some key differences.

You should be clear on your own core range and be constantly reviewing to ensure they justify their place as a 'hot' line. These hot lines will drive your business and should never be out of stock.

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