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Don't Let Your Store Be a Best Kept Secret

Most independent retailers invest a lot of time and money into their stores. Firstly selecting the best location and negotiating the most cost effective deal on the lease or purchase. Taking care to select the best store name, imagery, and branding. Diligently planning the internal fit out and taking time to choose the most appropriate display equipment. Then putting together the range and merchandising the store to best effect. This is the point when the marketing should start.

But so many retailers under-invest in this vital element of store trading. Marketing is the key. Without it retailers are relying on their customers finding the store or hearing about it from others. Yet there are so many cost effective ways to market. Leafleting is still worth doing regularly. Especially with print and production costs continually falling. And of course we now we have digital & electronic media to exploit.

Many store owners use Facebook, Twitter, community board sites plus many others to great effect. They also implement text messaging and outbound e-mails to continually connect with their customers. Small stores can engage with customers in a tightly defined catchment in a way that the large multiples can only dream about. There's no reason to let your store be a best-kept secret.

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