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Don't be Penny Wise / Pound Foolish on Shop Fitting

Shop fitting is a very expensive component of setting up a retail unit and it's very tempting to keep costs tight and settle for 'just good enough.' Don't do it! Consumers are highly influenced by three key elements:

  • Store Lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Hygiene

It's a proven fact that if these three areas are not in good order, consumers will not purchase with confidence. The chances are that you will see them only when they're in distress and purchasing from you as a last resort. There's solid evidence that properly fitted out and operated stores sell more goods, make more profit, and are better able to see off competitors.

In the small store sector symbol independents enjoy the highest transaction values and the highest number of customer visits. Why? Because their owners invest more in store appearance. Of course other retail elements come into play but store standards are vital. Particularly when offering fresh food. So a pound well invested in store equipment will keep the profits rolling in – continually.

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