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Vivid Capsules

The Vivid Capsules product, supplied by Nicocigs Ltd, is being offered to retailers which uses a new type of technology called 'e-liquid capsules'. The e-cig market is now the fastest growing category in convenience, there are hundreds of different e-cig companies out there fighting for your customers. For the past 12 months Vivid have been the no. 1 seller in the convenience sector and is growing every day.

Their new E-capsule product is much more convenient for customers to use because it is prefilled with Vivid e-liquid so there is no danger of spilling liquids and cleaner for your customers to use, plus it offers even better performance which is most important to serious vapers. So the customer now just buys the pre-filled capsules, clicks it straight on to their battery and they are ready to smoke/vape.

The product offers 40% margin for retailers and you can trial your first pack on Sale or Return so there is no risk to you.

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