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Two products growing in sales right now:

Vivid E-cig Capsules

Have you noticed a decline in repeat custom for your e-liquid products? This is because price sensitive customers are initially buying from you, but then shopping around in markets and online for cheaper liquids. The new capsule technology has a patented connection so that when a customer buys the Capsule starter kit, they HAVE to buy the same brand of Capsule refills.

That means if you are the first to stock the product in your area, customers will continually repeat order with you because, unlike normal e-liquids, they cannot use any other liquids in their start kit. In addition Capsule technology is cleaner, safer, more convenient, better looking and better performing. With supporting TV advertising, this is taking e-cigs to a new level. Sales with the Vivid Vapour Capsules are surging in particular and set to continue growing.


Selfie sticks

Selfie sticks continue to grow in sales (millions have been sold in retail in 2015) and always see a big lift for Summer (300%). With an RRP of around £7.99 and minimum 30% POR, no store should be without them.

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