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New Product Lines

  1. Autumnal Beers bringing a little WooHa to the dark nights

    With the autumn here and the nights getting longer, WooHa have their core range ready in 330ml and 500ml bottles to give consumers a taste to get them through the autumn.

  2. Wooha High Quality Craft Beer

    Wooha beer is produced with quality ingredients from around the world to create delicious, balanced, flavoursome products that are bottle conditioned to ensure freshness and a natural fizz. 

  3. Join the Online Revolution with Shoply

    Research conducted by the Scottish Grocer and Convenience Retailer found that 84% of customers prefer to order online or via an app. Shoply unlocks this service for small retailers.

  4. Urban Daze Face Masks

    Brilliant affordable face masks by Urban Daze

  5. New! My Foodie - Unique Swedish Drinks Land in UK

    My Foodie drinks: ‘Foodier Than A Smoothie’ 

  6. The season to share with KETTLE® Chips….

    Make sure that you're maximising the Christmas sharing opportunity with KETTLE chips

  7. Very Competitive HR & Employment Package

    Exclusive! Fully loaded, exclusive package HR and employement package at a ridiculously discounted price.

  8. Costa Coffee Ready-to Drink

    Hugely popular Costa Coffee now available in a can. 

  9. Goupie delicious chocolate indulgence

    Handmade in the UK these chewy pieces of confectionery with a hint of crunch, are a unique and devilishly moreish treat.

  10. New Tetley's Super Squash Range

    New Tetley's Super Squash range geared for healthy hydration

  11. KETTLE® Chips £1 PMP Sharing Range

    KETTLE® is the UK’s number one hand-cooked crispand the must-stock premium snacking brand for Convenience Retailers.

  12. New Ribena Frusion

    The new innovation sits in the enhanced and flavoured water category

  13. Stop Store Theft - Install Facewatch

    Install Facewatch. It’s proven to reduce store theft using the latest facial recognition technology.

  14. Levista Coffee New to the UK

    Levista Coffee. Great tasting 100% pure soluble and new to the UK.

  15. New Alpen Light bars.

    New Alpen Light bars. Tasty and low in calories.

  16. New Pepsi Max Raspberry flavour

    Britvic has launched a new raspberry flavour Pepsi MAX.

  17. PhD Protein Range: New to Convenience

    The PhD “Smart” range of protein bars, flap jacks and RTD’S are now available to independent retailers at margins of up to 30% on promotion.

  18. New Coca-Cola Energy

    Coca-Cola Energy is the first energy drink released under the brand.  

  19. New. Marmite Peanut Butter

    The new Marmite crunchy peanut butter mix will get consumers talking.

  20. New Cadbury Darkmilk Launched

    Darkmilk refelcts consumers' changing tastes towards darker chocolate

  21. Save Time & Money with 1st Waste

    With over 19 years’ experience servicing national contracts, 1st Waste are best positioned to manage the Store Excel members waste contracts and save you money

  22. Special Deal: Marley's Mixedup £1PMP Hanging Bags Range

    Make the most of this exclusive Store Excel deal from Marley's Confectionery

  23. New Twinings Cold Infuse

    Time to shake up your water with Twinings Cold Infuse

  24. New Kelloggs Special K Protein Bar Range

    Kelloggs launches a Special K protein bar range. to capitalise of protein growth

  25. New Bournville Giant Buttons

    Cadbury's launches Bournville Giant Buttons on the wave of dark chocolate growth in the UK.

  26. New Red Bull Coconut & Berry

    Red Bull launches a new cocunut and berry edition. 

  27. Tetley Super Tea Envelope

    Tetley has devised a new Super Tea Envelope range for hot drinks with added benefits.

  28. Metcalfe’s Popcorn – Under 100 Calorie Snacks

    Healthier snacking is a massive opportunity for Independent Retailers with 67% of shoppers looking for healthier snacking choices.  

  29. Business Cash Advance by Liberis

    From now on your card machine can help you generate additional funding for your business. 

  30. 60% POR Vape offer from Dinner Lady

    January is all about “New Year - New You” and with that in-mind, many people will be looking to quit smoking.

  31. Vape Dinner Lady well established and growing fast

    Only one company can serve nostalgia in a bottle.

  32. CBD by Dinner Lady. Now is the future

    With exceptional cash margins, CBD is poised to be the next boom product. Don't delay - stock now!

  33. Profit in Your Pocket the Outstanding Retail Rebate Scheme

    Store Excel has launched an exciting new Retail Rebate Scheme. Monthly cash rebates straight in your pocket.

  34. Boost Extends Energy Drink Portfolio with Launch of Cosmic Glow

    Boost Drinks is cementing its position as the creator of high quality, great tasting energy drinks with the introduction of a new limited edition sugar free variant, Cosmic Glow. 

  35. Boost Sport Builds on its Strength

    Boost Sport is the fastest growing sports drink in the sector* has refreshed its look and feel.

  36. Great Profits with Espresso Essential

    Selling coffees and hot chocolates will increase your profits. Espresso Essential is a must have.

  37. Boost Launches New Punch Power

    Boost to Grow its Successful Energy Drinks Range with Launch of New Punch Power

  38. Get into IQOS

    IQOS is the new non-tobacco smoking experience that is taking the market by storm.

  39. Abacus Valuers Recommended by Retailers

    Convenience stores retailers recommend Abucus Valuers. Read the testimonial and contact Abacus.

  40. How to be Effective at Upselling

    Upselling, or Active selling, can have a huge impact on many aspects of your business; from growing basket size, to driving up average trip spend. Purchasing can be increased by between 200% and 300%.

  41. Abacus Valuers Offer an Unrivalled Stocktaking Service

    Abacus Valuers do not sub-contract any work or employ agency or casual staff. They are convinced this approach significantly improves performance, accuracy and team working. A superb option for busy retailers.

  42. How to Train More Motivated, Top Performing Retail Staff
    Do you feel like your retail staff could do better at up selling and customer service? Would your store staff benefit from better training? Or more knowledge about your customers, products and promotions? Read on for top retail staff training tips.
  43. New Exciting Echo Falls Flavoured Vodka
    Accolade Wines, the UK’s No 1 wine company, is launching a new and exciting Flavoured Vodka into its best-selling Echo Falls range.
  44. Primal Pantry Exclusive £2 off Voucher Offer
    Our main passion at The Primal Pantry is to raise awareness of the huge benefits of eating 100% real food, through our premium snack bars and our protein energy bars.
  45. Primal Pantry Exclusive £2 off Voucher Offer
    Our main passion at The Primal Pantry is to raise awareness of the huge benefits of eating 100% real food, through our premium snack bars and our protein energy bars.
  46. Primal Pantry Passionate About Real Food
    Founded by nutritionist Suzie Walker, The Primal Pantry evolved out of her vision to make eating Real Food easier and more accessible for everyone. The Primal Pantry range of bars contain only the finest chopped fruits and nuts, that’s it!
  47. Burst Energy Drink Bursts on the Scene
    Burst Energy brings you tasty, refreshing and delicious flavoured drinks with each flavour containing a shot of anti-oxidant rich super foods.
  48. Sports Drink Gets a New Boost
    Challenger brand Boost Drinks is updating its isotonic sport drinks offer, which is exclusively for independents, with striking new packaging, a new recipe and an additional flavour.
  49. Mindi's Crisps New & Exciting
    Introducing a NEW and EXCITING - Hand cooked crisp with a UNIQUE Indian twist – like never before.  Mindi’s new hand cooked crisps are based on Mind’s own exotic spices, adding an innovative twist to the humble crisp, not as we know it! 
  50. Art4 Everyone: Art has come to Town!
    Art for Everyone gives you the opportunity to own unique creations by local artists.  Get off the mainstream and start showing off who you really are.
  51. Acorn2Oak: Three Clever but Simple Marketing Tools
    There are 3 clever tools to enable marketing excellence: customer testimonials, customer referrals & case Studies.
  52. Boost Launches a New Protein Drink
    The national rollout of Protein Boost is underway, signifying the champion of the independent brand’s diversification into an exciting new category that is growing at 26% year on year*.
  53. Old Jamaica: Guava and Melon Crush flavour
    Cott Beverages is set to extend the line-up of its Old Jamaica soft drinks portfolio in April, with the launch of its brand new Guava and Melon Crush flavour.
  54. Vivid Capsules
    Vivid Capsules e-liquid capsules
  55. Fold-Away
    A new supplier to the trade called Fold-Away products have produced a novel, on-trend, and very useful new line for convenience retailers.