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Meet the hottest new trend on the market – DUG potato milk

The world’s only potato-powered plant-based milk DUG® is championing the way for sustainable milk alternatives as more adults make the switch over from dairy.

More than 1 in 3 UK adults now regularly purchase milk alternative products, with 11% opting solely for these alternatives – a rising trend which is showing no signs of slowing. As consumer attitude continue to shift towards healthier, more sustainable, high quality products, retailers need to focus on brands that can offer them the best alternatives. 

Being billed as one of the hottest new food trends of this year, DUG has a neutral taste profile and can be used just like any other milk – pour it in your cereal bowl, mix it into your smoothies, use it for cooking your favourite dishes or just enjoy it by the glass.  DUG also makes the ‘perfect’ foam in coffee and adds creaminess to any hot drink, making it the ultimate sustainable choice for baristas and coffee or tea lovers.

Low in saturated fat, DUG is fortified with Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, and Folic Acid. And that’s not all. DUG was crowned Best Allergy-Friendly Product at the World Food Innovation Awards 2021. All three DUG varieties are free from the top 14 most common allergens, including lactose, milk, soy, gluten and nuts, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers and those with intolerances.

DUG is also planet friendly. That’s because potatoes don’t need much to grow at all, making them a super-sustainable crop, which is why DUG’s climate footprint is a whopping 75% lower than cow’s milk.  Growing potatoes are also twice as land efficient as growing oats and uses 56 times less water than almonds.

This delicious, vegan-friendly, plant-based potato drink has its roots in science and research.  It was developed by Professor Eva Tornberg at Lund University in Sweden whose company, Veg of Lund is on a mission to help more people follow a plant-based lifestyle, that will benefit their health and our planet’s future.  It is committed to environmental sustainability, minimising its climate footprint through efficient land use, low water consumption and low carbon emissions.

Graham Stonadge, UK sales director for Veg of Lund UK, the company behind DUG comments: “DUG potato-powered plant-based milk is set to shake up the £335 million milk alternatives market, which until now has been dominated by oat milk as well as a plethora of other varieties that create confusion in the fixture.

“The challenge for retailers is to look beyond the hype and focus on those brands that are more than a box-ticking exercise. After all, consumers are looking to make more educated choices about plant-based than ever before.”

“We believe DUG has the credentials to be the ‘go-to’ brand for consumers who are moving away from dairy and who care enough about sustainability to seek the best alternatives, or who unfortunately suffer from intolerances to one of the top 14 allergens.”

As well as being available in Waitrose and Ocado, DUG announced their partnership with the UK’s largest independent food and drink wholesaler, Bestway.

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