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Drive business growth via Amazon

For years shopping habits have been shifting towards consumers purchasing their favourite brands online – the pandemic has only sped things up. Amazon is a competitive marketplace, that once optimised and managed correctly, can ensure a consistent revenue stream for your store.

This shift to online shopping has provided Amazon specialist marketing agency, RT7Digital, with a consistent demand for their services.

Services include:

  • Account set-up / clean-up (Brand Registry)
  • Market & keyword research
  • Listing creation & optimisation
  • Inventory Management
  • Creation and optimisation of a Branded Amazon Store
  • Campaign Management – PPC
  • Business Strategy & Reporting

RT7Digital’s mission statement is simple:

To drive business change and profitable growth for clients on Amazon.

They do this by working with tools and experts that both simply and utilise Amazon data, which allows them to optimise online strategies, improve brand representation and drive-up overall revenue.

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