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Grocery Sales Increase Significantly

Latest digital data from RNF strongly suggests that consumers have returned to well established grocery brands since lockdown began. The data clearly shows that sales of canned vegetables, meat and fish plus flour, gravy mixes and sauce mixes have experienced massive (in some cases almost 1,000%) increases in sales. Alan Jope CEO of Unilever says that "Brands are a mark of trust, so whenever people are feeling anxious or there's a need for security, we will always see big brands doing well." However, this move to grocery could be a lot more to do with the closure of all foodservice outlets and the move to in-home meal preparation. For example the sales of flour and homebaking products signal this change. In a survey by the i newspaper 55% of consumers say that they plan on cooking more from scratch post-Covid-19. And 21% of respondents have been eating more tinned goods since lockdown. It is also  significant that 23% of Britons say  they are eating more fresh fruit and vegetables than at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

I would view all of this as very positive for both sales and profit margins and an opportunity to be exploited.

David Gilroy

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