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Retailers concerned over plans for NLW

Retailers concerned over plans for NLW

Convenience Store is reporting that store owners claim that they will be forced to cut staff hours and raise prices in a bid to offset new government plans to increase the National Living Wage (NLW) to £10.50 over the next five years. The government has also committed to reducing the age at which workers are eligible for the NLW from 25 to 21. 

Store Excel partners with Simpl3HR for HR and Health & Safety

Store Excel  has partnered with Simpl3HR to offer small business HR & health & safety solutions to its membership. David Gilroy of Store Excel said: “We are delighted to be able to offer these excellent Simpl3HR packages to our membership. They are specific to small business needs and highly affordable. This is exactly what Store Excel is all about.”

Blakemore to invest £2.3m in Spar retailers

Convenience Store  is reporting that Blakemore Trade Partners (BTP) is to invest £2.3 million in its independent Spar customers over the next financial year after delivering on its pledge to boost retailers’ margins by 1%. This will include a 6% rebate on all purchases except tobacco. 

Which? Finds that independents and services are replacing retail chains in the high street.

Asian Trader is reporting that a Which? study that looked at almost 1.5 million Ordinance Survey (OS) business records to compare Britain’s retail and services landscape from 2014 to 2019 found that personal services, markets and food specialists that focus on experiences have thrived during this period even as major retailers have struggled to evolve. These types of businesses have served to drive high street footfall. 

Costcutter posts a £17m loss

Convenience Store  is reporting that Costcutter experienced a pre-tax loss of £17 million in 2018 which it attributes to the interim supply agreements required following the demise of Palmer & Harvey. Costcutter is confident that it will return to profit following the supply agreement with the Co-op. 

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