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Keep it legal: affordable HR and Health & Safety solution

As an independent business owner, you have enough plates to spin and worry about without having to jump through the hoops required to be a good and compliant employer in HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety.

With the abolishment of tribunal fees in 2017 the number of claims made against employers and business owners from April 2017 to March 2018 was a total of 109,685 with the average award being £15,007, its worth noting that the biggest award was for over £400,000! It’s no exaggeration to state that this could happen to anyone without the right protection.

Now imagine you didn't have to think or worry about what you have just read, that you had the luxury of forgetting all about it. Imagine not having to worry that the contract you found on google was doing its job of protecting your interests, that you didn't have to draft or update your Staff Handbook each year in line with changes or additions to the law, that you didn't have to worry about handling a disciplinary or grievance the right way. Well, here at Simpl3 HR we make that vision a reality.

Simpl3 HR is an award winning, boutique, outsourced HR Consultancy that specialises in the provision of HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety services. We are built on the ideal that all businesses should have access to simple, stress free and importantly, affordable HR support; as easy as 1,2,3.

Here at Simpl3 HR we strive continuously to bring that vision to fruition. Our consultants possess years of hands on experience working in a diverse range of customer service settings, including the Retail & Convenience Store sectors, we are well versed in the demands you face daily not in just managing your employees but also addressing, training and appraisal needs. Our full service is designed to make the set up and ongoing management of your most valuable resource, your employees, ‘Simpl3’.

What to do next

The cost of putting protection in place to get this right is far lower than risking it and getting this wrong - especially with our fixed price offer running until December 31st. 

Call and speak with one of our qualified Advisors on 03333 580 313 or 01709 640 013. Alternatively, arrange a call back via our dedicated email address; and one of our Advisors will call you at a time to suit you.

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