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Consumers want more innovation in non-alcoholic drinks

Consumers want more innovation in non-alcoholic drinks

Beverage Business World is reporting that demands from consumers for more choice of innovative non-alcoholic options shows no sign of slowing down. A recent report along with sector leaders has claimed that growth is set to continue with the UK leading the charge globally. The results of recently published research by Distill Ventures called “Non Alcoholic Drinks: A Growth Story”  showed that 61% of consumers want better choice when it come to non-alcoholic drinks.

Father’s Day spending increases

Talking Retail is reporting that the amount of money spent on Father’s Day (16/06) continues to go up each year but still falls below Mother’s Day according to new research by the Central England Co-op. Data from Father’s Day 2018 reveals that the day before the annual celebration is the peak purchase time. The most popular purchased item was a Father’s Day card. See the Store Excel supplier directory for suppliers of greetings cards.

Trouble with Track & Trace law

Convenience Store is reporting that tobacco retailers are continuing to report challenges with the Track and Trace application process following the legislation’s enforcement. The law came into effect on 20thMay. It requires retailers to have two unique codes in order to purchase legally compliant tobacco – an Economic Operator Identifier Code (EOIC) registered to their business and a Facility Identifier Code (FIC) for each premises that sells and stores tobacco. Many retailers are reporting difficulty with the registration process and the tracking of where they are in the process. De La Rue who is managing the project for HMRC say that they have successfully registered around 36,000 stores so far.

Plastic not so fantastic

The race to get out of plastic is now accelerating. Hot on the heels of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose’s announcements to reduce plastic usage, most notably on fresh foods, Talking Retail  is reporting that from July half of Aldi stores will offer paper bags and compostable carrier bags. The compostable bags are made of biodegradable material called Bioplast and are designed to completely degrade within 12 months. Later this year Aldi will launch a reusable bag made completely from Aldi back of store waste. 

C-stores take the lead on bottled milk sales

Convenience Store is reporting that a number of independent retailers are leading a march on the multiples by capitalizing on demand for glass bottles as consumers increasingly look for alternatives to plastic. One such retailer is A James Retail Group-owned Select Convenience store in Bents Green Sheffield, which has enjoyed massive success since introducing a deposit return scheme for glass bottles a year ago. The one-pint bottles are sold for £1 but customers get 11p back when they return each bottle.

Premier marks its 25-year milestone

Convenience Store is reporting that Booker’s largest symbol group Premier is celebrating its 25th anniversary this summer with a host of special offer deals and consumer prize competitions. Staring next month, more than £1.2 million-worth of prizes will be given away to shoppers  through a scratch card campaign with a top prize of a Mini Copper car.

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