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  1. Sainsbury's Announce a Profit Decline

    News digest from Store Excel

  2. C-Stores need to focus on making shopping more exciting and enjoyable

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  3. Own Label Products Growing in Importance

    The UK is the world’s largest single market for own label at 46% of total sales. Is the own label offfering from wholesalers up to standard? 

  4. Retailers concerned over plans for NLW

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  5. High street footfall fell by 1.8% in September on the previous year

    Store Excel news digest

  6. November Trading Checklist

    Bonfire night and Rugby World Cup Final offer good trading opportunities

  7. Very Competitive HR & Employment Package

    Exclusive! Fully loaded, exclusive package HR and employement package at a ridiculously discounted price.

  8. Asda to Open a Cash & Carry

    The new Asda cash & carry near Bristol offers a new and competitive option to retailers.

  9. Costa Coffee Ready-to Drink

    Hugely popular Costa Coffee now available in a can. 

  10. Goupie delicious chocolate indulgence

    Handmade in the UK these chewy pieces of confectionery with a hint of crunch, are a unique and devilishly moreish treat.

  11. First Waste: Save Money

    Save real money on waste costs with 1st Waste

  12. October Planning

    Rugby World Cup, Diwali & Halloween offer some great trading opportunities.

  13. Keep it legal: affordable HR and Health & Safety solution

    The affordable HR and Health & Safety solution by Simpl3 HR, for independent business owners.

  14. NetPay: Brilliant Offer!

    Switch to NetPay and earn £100*

  15. Social Media and Small Independent Stores

    Nick Shanagher outlines why social media will be important to your retail business

  16. New Tetley's Super Squash Range

    New Tetley's Super Squash range geared for healthy hydration

  17. September Planning

    The Rugby World Cup starts on 20th September offering brillliant trading opportunities.

  18. Rapid Growth of Coconut Water

    Coconut water is currently the fastest growing soft drink in the UK

  19. No-deal Brexit: FDF warns of months-long food supplies disruption

    News digest from Store Excel

  20. Stores Enjoy Boom in Plant-Based Milks

    Store Excel latest news digest

  21. KETTLE® Chips £1 PMP Sharing Range

    KETTLE® is the UK’s number one hand-cooked crispand the must-stock premium snacking brand for Convenience Retailers.

  22. August Planning

    August presents some excellent summer trading opportunities. Especially if the weather is good!

  23. Looking for property?

    Store Excel has a limited number of well-priced store properties available. Act now to take advantage.

  24. Soya Milk on trend.

    Soya milk is on a continuous growth curve in the UK.

  25. Convenience Property Market Remains Buoyant

    Store Excel's weekly news digest

  26. Will AI solve this problem or make it worse?

    This story of soup offers a warning about the dangers of AI and the digital supply chain we are headed towards.

  27. New Ribena Frusion

    The new innovation sits in the enhanced and flavoured water category

  28. Retail crime adversely affecting employees

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  29. Stop Store Theft - Install Facewatch

    Install Facewatch. It’s proven to reduce store theft using the latest facial recognition technology.

  30. Profit in Your Pocket: Exclusive Rebate Scheme

    The new rebate scheme for independent retailers. Start making money from the first purchase

  31. Levista Coffee New to the UK

    Levista Coffee. Great tasting 100% pure soluble and new to the UK.

  32. Independent Retailers plans to invest at a record low.

    Store Excel news digest

  33. Planning ahead for July

    The Cricket World Cup and Wimbledon will help to drive sales in July. 

  34. Consumers want more innovation in non-alcoholic drinks

    This week's news bites from Store Excel

  35. New Alpen Light bars.

    New Alpen Light bars. Tasty and low in calories.

  36. Convenience Market Forecasted to Grow

    Weekly news bites from Store Excel

  37. New Pepsi Max Raspberry flavour

    Britvic has launched a new raspberry flavour Pepsi MAX.

  38. PhD Protein Range: New to Convenience

    The PhD “Smart” range of protein bars, flap jacks and RTD’S are now available to independent retailers at margins of up to 30% on promotion.

  39. New Coca-Cola Energy

    Coca-Cola Energy is the first energy drink released under the brand.  

  40. Gove opens £6 million fund to cut food waste

    Latest Store Excel news bites

  41. New. Marmite Peanut Butter

    The new Marmite crunchy peanut butter mix will get consumers talking.

  42. June Forward Planning

    The Cricket World Cup and Eid Mubarak offer some tasty trading opportunities ahead in June.

  43. How to get more value for your time

    Time is a scarce resource. Nick Shanagher retail coach emphasises the importance of the best use of time in retail.

  44. New Cadbury Darkmilk Launched

    Darkmilk refelcts consumers' changing tastes towards darker chocolate

  45. Save Time & Money with 1st Waste

    With over 19 years’ experience servicing national contracts, 1st Waste are best positioned to manage the Store Excel members waste contracts and save you money

  46. Post Offices under threat?

    Store Excel's top news stories of the week

  47. Special Deal: Marley's Mixedup £1PMP Hanging Bags Range

    Make the most of this exclusive Store Excel deal from Marley's Confectionery

  48. New Twinings Cold Infuse

    Time to shake up your water with Twinings Cold Infuse

  49. One Stop’s first five-year franchise contracts up for renewal

    This week's Store Excel news digest.

  50. New Kelloggs Special K Protein Bar Range

    Kelloggs launches a Special K protein bar range. to capitalise of protein growth

  51. New Bournville Giant Buttons

    Cadbury's launches Bournville Giant Buttons on the wave of dark chocolate growth in the UK.

  52. New Red Bull Coconut & Berry

    Red Bull launches a new cocunut and berry edition. 

  53. Tetley Super Tea Envelope

    Tetley has devised a new Super Tea Envelope range for hot drinks with added benefits.

  54. Save Time & Money with 1st Waste

    With over 19 years’ experience servicing national contracts, 1st Waste are best positioned to manage the Store Excel members waste contracts and save you money

  55. Search & Social Media Important for all Retailers

    Retail owners need to put search and social media at the heart of their plans now if they want to engage their customers and potential customers in the future.

  56. Tesco Profits Increase by 28%

    News digest from Store Excel

  57. Forward Planning for May

    Four brilliant trading events ahead in May

  58. Nisa stores benefiting from Co-op products

    Key stories of the week from Store Excel

  59. Continuous focus on footfall is vital for retailers

    Every retailer needs to focus on footfall, which is a technical term for the number of people that visit your store.

  60. Consumer cash payments to rapidly diminish

    Latest news stories from Store Excel

  61. Latest News Stories from Store Excel

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  62. Aldi launches a new “local” size store format

    News digest service fro Store Excel

  63. Business Cash Advance from Liberis

    The Business Cash Advance is a simple and affordable funding solution

  64. New London emissions charge could hit retailers

    Store Excel's weekly news digest

  65. Looking Ahead to April

    Warmer weather, Mother's Day & Easter all promise great sales

  66. McColl’s to trial Morrison’s Daily

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  67. Sansbury's/Asda Merger Down in Flames?

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  68. Booker to make room for Tesco brands

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  69. Metcalfe’s Popcorn – Under 100 Calorie Snacks

    Healthier snacking is a massive opportunity for Independent Retailers with 67% of shoppers looking for healthier snacking choices.  

  70. Co-op partners with Deliveroo

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  71. March Planning Ahead

    Warmer and lighter days plus three key events will make March a good trading month.

  72. Business Cash Advance by Liberis

    From now on your card machine can help you generate additional funding for your business. 

  73. Consolidation creates property potential

    Store Excel news digest. Key stories of the week

  74. Act Now to get 60% Vape Dinner Lady deal

    Last few days to get the 60% off deal on Vape Dinner Lady

  75. February Trading

    Three excellent trading opportunities ahead through February and into early March.

  76. Convenience Sector Continues to Thrive

    An update of the convenience store sector by Neil Brension of Jellybean Creative

  77. Co-op announces growth plans for 2019

    Store Excel news digest service

  78. Key Trading Dates for 2019

    Sports festivals offer some great trading opportunities for the year ahead

  79. January Planning

    Sales slow in January but there are good opportunities to be exploited.

  80. 60% POR Vape offer from Dinner Lady

    January is all about “New Year - New You” and with that in-mind, many people will be looking to quit smoking.

  81. Fresh & Frozen Christmas Opportunities

    As we move closer to Christmas, fresh and frozen goods take on more importance

  82. McColl's announces a "difficult year."

    Store Excel weekly news digest

  83. Christmas Alcoholic Drinks Sales Drivers

    Very important to alcohol right at Christmas. Here's a few tips.

  84. Independent stores are lagging behind on food-to-go

    This weeks top news stories from Store Excel

  85. Big Grocery Christmas Sales Opportunities

    Grocery offers some low risk high reward Christmas sales opportunities.

  86. Confectionery and Snacks. Christmas Impulse Sales Drivers

    Impulse categories are a great source of extra sales and profit at Christmas

  87. Vape Dinner Lady well established and growing fast

    Only one company can serve nostalgia in a bottle.

  88. One Stop's profits boosted by own label

    Store Excel weekly news service

  89. CBD by Dinner Lady. Now is the future

    With exceptional cash margins, CBD is poised to be the next boom product. Don't delay - stock now!

  90. Supplier Availability Criticised

    Store Excel's weekly news digest

  91. Suresite partners with Bolt Learning to launch high-impact training

    Forecourt expert Suresite has launched two new interactive online training courses, in partnership with training provider, Bolt Learning.

  92. Non Food for Christmas Profit

    There are some great low risk high profit earners for Christmas.

  93. Unitas Wholesale entity is ratified

    This week's key news stories in bite size pieces

  94. Store Excel Budget Bullets

    The key October 2018 budget announcements directly affecting independent retailers.

  95. Chancellor Set to Support Small Retailers

    Store Excel news service. Top stories of the week.

  96. November Trading

    Bonfire night and Diwali are the big trading opportunities

  97. Mixed Messages from Convenience

    Store Excel news round up. Top stories from last week. 

  98. Store Excel Launches a Retail Rebate Scheme

    Store Excel news service. Top stories of the week

  99. Convenience Store Sales Continue to Grow

    This week's top stories from Store Excel.

  100. Profit in Your Pocket the Outstanding Retail Rebate Scheme

    Store Excel has launched an exciting new Retail Rebate Scheme. Monthly cash rebates straight in your pocket.

  101. Convenience chain embraces new technology in a bid to go paperless

    James Retail has implemented Bolt’s Electronic Signature tool and created a Policy Library for all their documents.

  102. Weekly News Digest: CO2 Shortages Still a Problem

    Top news stories of the week.

  103. Boost Extends Energy Drink Portfolio with Launch of Cosmic Glow

    Boost Drinks is cementing its position as the creator of high quality, great tasting energy drinks with the introduction of a new limited edition sugar free variant, Cosmic Glow. 

  104. Planning Ahead for October

    Plan now for October. Halloween is the big one!

  105. Outstanding Value from Abacus Valuers

    Exclusive offer for Store Excel Members Only

  106. Weekly News Digest: Today’s/Landmark Merger Approved

    Key news stories from the week. 

  107. New! Weekly News Digest Service

    Store Excel's new weekly news digest service for busy retailers.

  108. Weekly News Digest 31/08/18

    News bites from the key stories of the week for busy retailers

  109. Store Excel Weekly News Digest

    Stand out news stories from the week.

  110. Cost of Potato Crisps Set to Rise

    Pepsico Walkers, the biggest supplier of potato crisps in the UK market has sent a warning to all of its UK customers that the cost of potato crisps is set to rise. 

  111. Store Excel Weekly News Digest

    News bites from the key stories of the week for busy retailers

  112. Make time and space to care

    Creating an environment that makes shopping more tolerable for those with disabilities can earn a retailer much goodwill.

  113. September Planning

    Plan for September now. Cooler weather and shorter days ahead. Or maybe still warm and mild!

  114. Proposed Today's/Landmark Merger Will Benefit Retailers

    Now more than ever there is the need for strength in numbers and a compelling argument for the two largest buying groups: Today’s and Landmark to merge into one.  

  115. Open all hours for food to go

    Food to go offers independents a golden opportunity at any time of the day...or night. Seize the moment to capitalise on this trend.

  116. Card services review raises hopes

    Payment Systems Regulator launches consultation which could ultimately lead to a more competitive market

  117. Delivered or Cash & Carry?

    Delivered service appears to be surging past cash & carry purchases. Why?

  118. Special Travel Benefits for Store Excel Members

    Exclusive to Store Excel. Trouble free and great value holidays for busy retailers.

  119. Looking Ahead to August

    August festivals and continuing brilliant weather offer some great trading opportunities.

  120. Dare to be different

    Independents have a bright future and have little to fear from the Amazons and Ocados of this world as long as they focus on their individuality, convenience and authenticity.

  121. Van vernacular – compliance and safety

    Using a van for your business makes you a van operator - a status that comes with legal responsibilities that must be adhered to. The Freight Transport Association has combined with Store Excel to offer invaluable advice.

  122. Tips to weather the carbon dioxide crisis

    The carbon dioxide (CO2) crisis has caused alarm in the sector with wholesalers rationing the number of cases of carbonated drinks per customer in a bid to keep the supply chain fluid.

  123. Outstanding £100 Off Stock Take Deal from Abacus Valuers

    Abacus Valuers are offering £100 off the cost of stock takes.

  124. Cash machines cull gives c-store the edge

    Banks cull of cash machines gives c-stores opportunity to fill the gap and potentially boost footfall and spend.

  125. July Planning

    The three W's should help to drive July sales: warm weather, World Cup & Wimbledon.

  126. Boost launches holiday on-pack promotion to drive summer sales

    Boost Drinks is running an on-pack promotion across its 250ml Original Energy price-mark variant, offering consumers the change to win a holiday to Barcelona.

  127. Outstanding Coffee Offer from Espresso Essential

    Outstanding exclusive offer from Espresso Essental Coffee for Store Excel members only.

  128. Fresh approach to shoplifting urged

    A new report from the Centre for Social Justice recommends a fresh approach to tackling shoplifting.

  129. Shopping with the General Public

    Is it time for independent retailers to accept that they could be shopping in their cash & carry alongside members of the general public?

  130. Don't fall foul of rates appeals process

    The new business rates appeals system in England has flummoxed shop owners with ratepayers “tearing their hair out”, rating experts at Colliers International have claimed.

  131. Boost Sport Builds on its Strength

    Boost Sport is the fastest growing sports drink in the sector* has refreshed its look and feel.

  132. June Forward Planning

    June promises to be a brilliant month for sales. The World Cup will be a big sales driver!

  133. Retailers Set to Benefit as Boost Launches New 12 for 10 Promotion

    Boost Drinks has unveiled a new 12 for 10 promotion with the aim of helping independent retailers maximise the return on their energy drink sales. 

  134. Boost Protein. An on-trend product for independents.

    There is a huge market for people that are looking for simple ways to include more protein in their diets. Consumer demand is rapidly increasing. 

  135. Great Card Payment Savings with NetPay

    Save up to £600 per annum* on current card payment transaction charges

  136. Planning Ahead for May

    May offers some warmer weather and four exciting events. This combination should drive sales.

  137. Demystifying GDPR: Convenience Retailer Checklist

    GDPR comes into force on 25th May.  Don’t think a typical convenience store handles much data? You might need to think again.

  138. Great Profits with Espresso Essential

    Selling coffees and hot chocolates will increase your profits. Espresso Essential is a must have.

  139. Boost Launches New Punch Power

    Boost to Grow its Successful Energy Drinks Range with Launch of New Punch Power

  140. Join Doddle and Drive Footfall

    Drive new footfall to your store. Become a Doddle location

  141. Abacus Valuers Brilliant Stocktake Offer

    Abacus are offering £75 off the cost of a full stocktake. Brilliant!

  142. Sugar Tax Now in Force

    The government’s much-heralded Soft Drinks Industry Levy or SDIL for short is now underway.

  143. Get into IQOS

    IQOS is the new non-tobacco smoking experience that is taking the market by storm.

  144. Online Training Benefits for Retailers from Bolt Learning

    Bolt Learning works with leading convenience retailers, creating engaging, interactive and instantly accessible eLearning content.

  145. April Trading Ahead
    In April the warmer weather should be upon us and the two bank holidays at begining and end of the month will help drive sales.
  146. Exclusive Money £75 off Deal from Abacus Valuers
    Abacus Valuers is offering an exclusive money off deal for Store Excel members only. Visit the Voucher Zone for details.
  147. Wholesalers Must Up Their Service Game

    The Tesco/Booker deal could be good for retailers if it makes wholesalers up their service game.

  148. Food to Go: Quality Counts

    According to the IGD (report 2018) the Food to Go market is set to grow by 6% per year to reach £23 billion by 2022. Consumers are discerning re quality & taste.

  149. Looking Ahead to March

    March offers three big trading events and the promise of longer days and warmer weather. Great for sales!

  150. Abacus Valuers Recommended by Retailers

    Convenience stores retailers recommend Abucus Valuers. Read the testimonial and contact Abacus.

  151. How to be Effective at Upselling

    Upselling, or Active selling, can have a huge impact on many aspects of your business; from growing basket size, to driving up average trip spend. Purchasing can be increased by between 200% and 300%.

  152. P&H' and a Truck Load of Debt

    The latest news from administrators Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) re the P&H debts has laid bare the extent of parlous state of the failed comapny's finances.

  153. Forward Planning for February

    In addition to improved light and the promise of spring ahead, February offers three great trading opportunities: Pancake day, Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year.

  154. Two Exclusive Outstanding E-Cig Deals from Store Excel

    E-cig sales are surging. Take advantage of these two excellent offers from Store Excel and Philip Morris International

  155. Abacus Valuers Offer an Unrivalled Stocktaking Service

    Abacus Valuers do not sub-contract any work or employ agency or casual staff. They are convinced this approach significantly improves performance, accuracy and team working. A superb option for busy retailers.

  156. Focus for Convenience Growth in 2018
    We have experienced more change in the channel this year than any other in living memory. What will be the key drivers in 2018? Neil Brenson asks the questions and sets the agenda for 2018..
  157. How to Train More Motivated, Top Performing Retail Staff
    Do you feel like your retail staff could do better at up selling and customer service? Would your store staff benefit from better training? Or more knowledge about your customers, products and promotions? Read on for top retail staff training tips.
  158. Key Trading Dates for 2018

    Store Excel month-by-month guides will continue to be published throughout the year. Here's a heads up on the key trading dates for 2018. NEW! Royal Wedding 19/05.

  159. Planning for January
    After Christmas, most consumers are feeling the pinch with many looking to lose weight and get back to “healthy.”  It’s a bit of a back to “factory settings month.”
  160. Fresh & Frozen Christmas Opportunities
    As we are fast approaching Christmas and New Year, the forward planning focuses more to the fresh & frozen ranges.
  161. Christmas Alcoholic Drinks Sales Drivers
    Everyone is very much aware that alcoholic drinks drive sales at Christmas. The way the calendar is configured this year favours small stores.
  162. P&H Collapse: Abra Wholesale Delivers Nationwide
    If you're in difficulty following the P&H collapse, North London wholesaler Abra Wholesale can deliver a full retail range to you.
  163. P&H Collapse: The Winners and Losers
    The collapse of Palmer & Harvey yesterday has sent a shockwave through the convenience and wholesale channel.
  164. New Exciting Echo Falls Flavoured Vodka
    Accolade Wines, the UK’s No 1 wine company, is launching a new and exciting Flavoured Vodka into its best-selling Echo Falls range.
  165. Supplies will be Disrupted as P&H Collapses
    The sad demise of P&H confirmed today will undoubtedly cause short-term supply problems
  166. Grocery Christmas Sales Gems
    Last minute purchases offer a great low risk sales opportunity in the grocery department.
  167. Impulse Categories Drive Christmas Profits
    Well selected and maintained impulse ranges will drive incremental additional profit throughout December.
  168. Significant Gap in Training Identified for UK Convenience Staff
    A recent survey from Bolt Learning, into the current state of training in UK symbol convenience, found that nearly a third of retailers find training a significant challenge within their business. Bolt Learning has the answer.
  169. Tesco/Booker Merger Will be Good for Retailers
    Retailers stand to benefit from the Tesco/Booker merger as all wholesalers will have to raise their game.
  170. Christmas Non-Food for Profit
    Small stores often overlook the sales and profit opportunities afforded by non-food. Christmas is the time to cash in on the additional cash profit that seasonally related non-food can deliver.
  171. Why Ordering By App is Taking Off
    Many retailers are moving away from online ordering and shifting to ordering by App. What are the App advantages for retailers?
  172. Two Exclusive Outstanding E-Cig Deals from Store Excel
    E-cig sales are surging. Take advantage of these two excellent offers from Store Excel and Philip Morris International
  173. Learn Convenience from Carrefour Express
    Carrefour one of the biggest exponents of hypermarkets worldwide has adapted successfully and is now a leader in convenience retailing.
  174. Primal Pantry Exclusive £2 off Voucher Offer
    Our main passion at The Primal Pantry is to raise awareness of the huge benefits of eating 100% real food, through our premium snack bars and our protein energy bars.
    Boost Drinks will be launching a major new initiative in September to drive sales of its 500ml SKU. This on-pack promotion on its 500ml PET bottles, promises £25,000 worth of prizes to include cash, Amazon vouchers and cinema tickets.
  176. November Trading Tips
    Darker nights and cooler weather signals an increase in higher calorie meals and hot beverages. And of course Bonfire Night trading opportunities!
  177. Could P&H be Wholesale’s Monarch?
    The wholesale industry is changing rapidly. Is cash-strapped P&H a business under threat of closure?
  178. Jaffa Cake Noise Unjustified
    The hysteria around the pack content change in McVities Jaffa Cakes is not justified
  179. Profit from Winter OTC Medicines & Remedies
    Now is the time to capitalise from the opportunities OTC medicines offer. Sales increase from mid September
  180. Plan ahead for October
    October offers some great sales and traffic-building opportunities. Time to plan ahead.
  181. Birds Eye Underlines the Frozen Food Opportunity
    Birds Eye has refocused and simplified their offering for convenience stores.
  182. Senior Industry Figures Slam Supplier Availability
    Senior wholesalers are critical of current supplier service levels stating that it is adversely affecting business. This cannot be allowed to go uncorrected.
  183. Planning Ahead for September
    September is a tricky month for retailers. There are no obvious sales events. For most people the holidays are over, it’s back to work and back to school. The weather can still be warm and mild or it can cool rapidly and usher in the autumn.
  184. Unfreeze the Potential of Frozen Foods
    Frozen food offers retailers a great opportunity to drive customer visits and grow profitable sales at low risk.  The category has the same benefits of fresh produce and without the risk of waste or the time spent to merchandise and maintain displays.
  185. Primal Pantry Exclusive £2 off Voucher Offer
    Our main passion at The Primal Pantry is to raise awareness of the huge benefits of eating 100% real food, through our premium snack bars and our protein energy bars.
  186. Time Poor Retailers Can't Afford to Stand In Line at C&C Checkouts
    Cash & Carry's need to up their game at the checkouts to give time poor business customers a frictionless and fast service. This is the new competitive battleground.
  187. Ban on Plastic Card Charges - More Policy Detail Needed
    The government has announced that surcharges on plastic card transactions will be banned early next year. Too early to yet to determine the implications.
  188. Can Technology Help Time Poor Retailers?
    Retailers are becoming time poor. Can technology be a benefit? Does online & app ordering really help?
  189. August Sales Planning
    August should be hot & sunny - plan accordingly. Bank holiday 28/08 and back to school will also drive sales.
  190. Why Primal is the best Healthy Snack
    Our main passion at The Primal Pantry is to raise awareness of the huge benefits of eating 100% real food, through our energy bars and our recent launch of high protein healthy snack bars.
  191. Food to Go Raises Store Perception
    Securing a food standards agency hygiene endorsement can underpin store standards
  192. Re-Releasing the Boost!
    Building on its reputation as Champion Of The Independents, Boost Drinks is kick-starting the summer with a new marketing campaign aimed at taking the brand to millions of new consumers and boosting sales for its independent stockists.
  193. July Hot Weather Trading
    July is all about being prepared for hot weather trading and outdoor events. Both at home and picnics.
  194. May & June Trading Opportunities
    Late May & June offer some excellent trading opportunities. Especially if the weather is kind. Plus three great sales events.
  195. Primal Pantry Passionate About Real Food
    Founded by nutritionist Suzie Walker, The Primal Pantry evolved out of her vision to make eating Real Food easier and more accessible for everyone. The Primal Pantry range of bars contain only the finest chopped fruits and nuts, that’s it!
  196. Burst Energy Drink Bursts on the Scene
    Burst Energy brings you tasty, refreshing and delicious flavoured drinks with each flavour containing a shot of anti-oxidant rich super foods.
  197. Small Stores Must Plan Ahead for Declining Tobacco Sales
    Tobacco sales are in an inexorable decline in the UK. The decline will continue and is likely to accelerate. This is an industry-wide threat and small stores must plan ahead for this to maintain customer visits, footfall and sales.
  198. Palmer & Harvey Looking More Secure
    Recently announced new finance and tobacco deals will help to secure P&H
  199. Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme
    AWRS comes into force for all sellers of controlled alcohol from 1st April. What does this mean for independent retailers selling alcohol?
  200. Palmer & Harvey in Refinancing Talks
    Sky News has reported that Palmer & Harvey (P&H), a key supplier to Tesco is in talks with two of its major tobacco suppliers regarding the purchase of an equity stake in the business for tens of millions of pounds.
  201. Plan Ahead for Easter
    Easter weekend is the big trading opportunity for small stores.
  202. Sports Drink Gets a New Boost
    Challenger brand Boost Drinks is updating its isotonic sport drinks offer, which is exclusively for independents, with striking new packaging, a new recipe and an additional flavour.
  203. Planning Ahead for March
    The days are getting longer. March offers two great trading opportunities: St Patrick's Day and Mother's Day
  204. Mindi's Crisps New & Exciting
    Introducing a NEW and EXCITING - Hand cooked crisp with a UNIQUE Indian twist – like never before.  Mindi’s new hand cooked crisps are based on Mind’s own exotic spices, adding an innovative twist to the humble crisp, not as we know it! 
  205. Business Rates Rise a Serious Threat
    Business rates are a significant overhead for all businesses but more impactful for small enterprises. The Government's planned increase in business rates could seriously damage small businesses.
  206. Deliveries & Digital the Way Forward?
    Retailers are finding time increasingly tight to visit Cash & Carry's to collect stock. They are demanding deliveries and moving to digital platforms to place orders. Are Apps the way forward?
  207. Tobacco Danger for Small Retailers
    The removal of price marks from cigarette packs appears to be a profit opportunity for retailers. But this is a false expectation and there is danger ahead.
  208. Tesco/Booker Deal A Total Game Changer
    The Tesco Booker deal effectively re-writes the rules of the entire UK grocery trade. But what about the impact on small independent retailers and wholesalers?
  209. Art4 Everyone: Art has come to Town!
    Art for Everyone gives you the opportunity to own unique creations by local artists.  Get off the mainstream and start showing off who you really are.
  210. Acorn2Oak: Three Clever but Simple Marketing Tools
    There are 3 clever tools to enable marketing excellence: customer testimonials, customer referrals & case Studies.
  211. OTC Medicines and Food Supplements a Massive Opportunity
    OTC medicines and food supplements offer a massive opportunity for small stores right now. Their small size and high margins are perfect for convenience stores
  212. Product Availability is THE Most Important Consideration
    You can't sell what you don't have. Product availability is key. Before price and service.
  213. Boost Launches a New Protein Drink
    The national rollout of Protein Boost is underway, signifying the champion of the independent brand’s diversification into an exciting new category that is growing at 26% year on year*.
  214. Which Symbol to Choose?
    Enhancing cash profit is a key consideration when selecting which symbol group to select.
  215. Boost Drinks and Store Excel: The Perfect Combination for Independents
    Boost Drinks share the same values as Store Excel. Totally focused on and committed to the Independent sector.
  216. Clear the Garden for Summer Growth
    Intelligent range selection is vital to enable customers to select easily. Less is more and this in turn drives sales.
  217. Break Free from Tobacco Dependency
    Tobacco sales are now in an irreversible decline. This is not necessarily bad news. Retailers can forge new profitable income streams from new ranges.
  218. Small Retailers have nothing to fear from Brexit
    Good retailers will always thrive & flourish. It’s the big operators who will suffer if the economy shrinks post Brexit.
  219. Fresh! Free From Fear
    There are still too many independent retailers not proficient enough in managing fresh food. Long-term survival & success is dependent on mastery of fresh foods.
  220. Local Stores Show Us Some Love
    Local stores should be continually reaching out to their local community to reinforce their true “localness” and so press home their trading advantage.
  221. Small Stores Face a Healthy Future
    There's a fantastic trading opportunity for small stores by adding healthier and wellness products to their ranges. And to reduce dependency on 'bad' products such as alcohol, confectionery and tobacco.
  222. Suppliers Confident About the Sugar Tax
    The Sugar Tax has entered the two-year consultation period. Suppliers are already taking action to adjust product assortments. Who will be the winners & losers?
  223. Store Excel: You Decide
    Help us select the content of this site. You, our valued retailers, are the decision makers.
  224. Don't be Penny Wise / Pound Foolish on Shop Fitting
    Making ill considered cost cuts in shop fit out and display equipment is not clever and costs more in the long-term.
  225. Identify the Hot Lines to Drive Sales
    Identify your own core range specific to your store and its micro market. This range of hot lines will drive your business.
  226. Don't Let Your Store Be a Best Kept Secret
    Effective marketing and continuous customer engagement is essential for small stores to build & protect their business.
  227. Suppliers: Who's Doing the Business?
    Is it us but do the same suppliers step up every time? Are those suppliers the ones with the biggest budgets? Who are the real supplier heros?
  228. Exhibition Season Beckons
    All the major exhibition companies, wholesalers and convenience store groups are planning their exhibitions for the spring and summer.
  229. A Sticky Situation for Cigarettes
    It's fairly clear that the volume of cigarettes and tobacco sales is declining. The decline seems to have taken a more pronounced downturn with the impact of the tobacco display ban.
  230. Sugar Not So Sweet
    The Chancellor's latest budget announcing the sugar tax is sure to have a profound effect on our industry.
  231. Old Jamaica: Guava and Melon Crush flavour
    Cott Beverages is set to extend the line-up of its Old Jamaica soft drinks portfolio in April, with the launch of its brand new Guava and Melon Crush flavour.
  232. Vivid Capsules
    Vivid Capsules e-liquid capsules
  233. Wholesalers: Who's the Best?
    Which wholesalers deserve your business?
  234. What’s Trending?
    Read about the products getting customers excited at the moment
  235. Welcome to Store Excel
    Store Excel is specifically created & designed for you. Read more about how the website can help your business.
  236. Living Wage – A Living Hell?
    How will small businesses afford the new living wage?
  237. Competitive Pricing is Most Important
    Prices are the most important factor in attracting customers
  238. Fold-Away
    A new supplier to the trade called Fold-Away products have produced a novel, on-trend, and very useful new line for convenience retailers.
  239. Store Marketing
    How should a small store effectively market itself?
  240. Poor Standards Kill Business
    High standards are important. If your shop looks shabby your customers will notice.
  241. Range For Profit
    Smart range selection can have a huge impact on profitability.
  242. Symbols For Solid Growth

    Being part of a symbol group can advance your business quickly.

  243. Own Label Growth is Driving Sales
    Own label is outpacing the big brands. Make sure you're taking advantage of this.
  244. Price Marked Packs – Good or Bad?
    Should prices be marked on packs?
  245. Hidden Gems for Christmas
    Great products you can sell during the festive period.